January 2013

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Well, sort of. It sneaked up on me this year, but I was having a lot of fun while it did. Surprisingly, some of the fun was work: my next McCone, THE NIGHT SEARCHERS, is demanding I make lots of forays into San Francisco to strange places and at strange times. I take Bill along for protection, and when the alter ego of the “Nameless Detective” rides with me I always feel courageous.

We’re also enjoying planning our third Carpenter & Quincannon collaboration, THE BODY SNATCHERS AFFAIR which promises to be a truly creepy tale. The first entry in this new series, THE BUGHOUSE AFFAIR, has just been published; THE SPOOK LIGHTS AFFAIR, will follow next year. Researching San Francisco in the 1890s—one of its more fascinating decades—has been a pleasure.

So we’re launched into 2013, and I think there’s going to be a lot of laughter in our house, considering the first omen: yesterday I received a royalty check—wow! exciting! run straight to the bank!

Nope. It was for 20 cents. I’m trying to find a suitable frame for it!

Catch you later!


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