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Name: Bette & J.J. Lamb
Posted On: 2/5/04
Comment: We bought Edwin of the Iron Shoes not long after it was published and have been Sharon McCone fans ever since. Add to this the recent stand-alones -- Point Deception and Cyanide Wells -- which are exceptionally good reads.


Name: Motomillie
Posted On: 2/6/04
Comment: Thanks for all the great reads. And now an attractive web site -- will the pleasures ever cease?!


Name: Mark Terry
Posted On: 2/7/04
Comment: Great web site!
We both really enjoyed reading Cyanide Wells.


Name: Robin Reese
Posted On: 2/7/04
Comment: A fan for life, there are no author's books I'm happier to see published. I can't wait to read the new one!


Name: ben crow
Posted On: 2/11/04
Comment: My favorites so far and I've read them all are Listen to the silence and Cyanide Wells


Name: Jean
Posted On: 2/16/04
Comment: I'm so excited about the new website. Thanks for all the years of great writing! Just keep 'em comin'!


Name: Rod Zimmerman
Posted On: 2/16/04
Comment: Very impressive web site!


Name: Frank Zwolinski
Posted On: 2/16/04
Comment: A wonderful site from a classy lady and a terrific writer!


Name: Carol & Karl
Posted On: 2/19/04
Comment: I am so happy to see you in electronic self engrandizment. As you know I am still too cheap to pay for one for ourselves, to which Rachel says, "Oh grandpa, that's sooo 20th century!"


Name: Coral Harrison
Posted On: 2/20/04
Comment: I do like your books. Want to know when the next one is coming.


Name: Heli from Finland
Posted On: 2/24/04
Comment: I saw Sue Graftons praise on your book "Pennies on a Dead Woman's eyes" last november and decided to read it right away. I've been a big fan of Sharon McCone ever since. I'm at the end of 4th book and have the 5th already waiting.


Name: Felicia Richardson
Posted On: 3/1/04
Comment: Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are an amazing writer.


Name: Beverly J. Smith
Posted On: 3/1/04
Comment: Right now I have your lastest two books to read, Sorry I'm a little behind but so thrilled that I can finally tell you how wonderful a writer I think you are. I love your books. I have read everyone from the first. Then you split and wrote about Elen (sp) the museum in Califnornia. I read and like her and waited for more but you stayed with Sharon. Of course I love Sharon. But as much as I love Sharon I must tell you and if you could pass it along, I love Nameless also. And when you two wrote the couple of books together I loved them. I also love the way Sharon keeps throwing Nameless's name in every couple of books. You are great, and so is your husband. Nameless is someone you just can't help but fall in love with. So please pass this last part on. Thank you for getting a newsletter together I will eagerly await it. I wish both you and Bill a wonderful year with nothing but success and happiness.
Beverly J. Smith


Name: Melissa Meith
Posted On: 3/7/04
Comment: I, too, am a fan from book one, Edwin of the Iron Shoes. Sharon and I have grown up together (although my years seem to pass more quickly than hers) and I think of her as my daring pal. And I'm loving learning about the denizens of Soledad County. Thanks for the pictures! Those miniatures are amazing, and the photographs scramble the scale sufficiently to make it seem like we're really spying on Sharon! I guess turn about is fair play? Thank you for all of your wonderful storytelling. Looking forward to whatever lies ahead!


Name: Lana Waite
Posted On: 3/7/04
Comment: I’ve been waiting for this for a long time – an official website for Marcia Muller. If anyone ever deserved to have one. . . She has perseverance, pluck, and a lot of talent.

I met her when she had only one book out and have followed along happily ever since. And just the other day I discovered a VHS tape from The title is “Women of Mystery: Three Writers Who Forever Changed Detective Fiction.” It’s about Marcia, Sue Grafton, and Sara Paretsky. It is in our library system. And I have asked NetFlix to order it which is, in my humble opinion, something everyone should do.

Graham Greene once said, “I didn’t invent the world I write about – it’s all true.” I believe him. I also believe that Sharon McCone is out there in San Francisco just waiting to investigate our problems. You go, girl!

p.s. Sometimes I miss All Souls.


Name: Gloria O'Rourke
Posted On: 3/11/04
Comment: My niece recommended your books to me several years ago. I have enjoyed every one of them and always look forward to the next one. Thank you.
Because of Sharon McCone, I now solely read female-headed mysteries.


Name: Yvonne Sun
Posted On: 3/14/04
Comment: English is not my mother language. Since Sharon McCone series are so attractive to me. I spent time to check dictionary for her stories. Thank you Marcia, my english got improve in this way.


Name: Veronica
Posted On: 3/17/04
Comment: I found your creation in February. So far I've read 11 of these books, have enjoyed your rich descriptions of characters and scenes and look forward to reading the rest of them! What a talent you have. Thanks!


Name: Cindy - Westbloomfield, MI
Posted On: 3/18/04
Comment: Just listened to Till the Butchers Cut Him Down, this would be the first of your books I've listened to, and now I'm in a dilemma. I liked it so much that I'm actually considering starting at the beginning of the McCone mystery series. I'm a stay at home mom and use "books on tape" often. I wish I'd have known about this series sooner, we need more female detective series and I have a feeling that I'll enjoy this one very much - Thanks


Name: Beth C.
Posted On: 3/18/04
Comment: I have been a fan for several years now. I'm glad I looked up this site so I can track easily when the next book will be available. I loved Point Deception particularly. Thanks!


Name: Marcie Galick
Posted On: 3/18/04
Comment: Wheeee, what fun. I can remember when - IBM typewriter had center stage. Looking forward to getting home to really explore your site. And there actually is a Saluki doing obedience. For those who are wondering what that means, you'll just have to read all Marcia's great books.


Name: Susan Lathen
Posted On: 3/18/04
Comment: Yeah Marcia! The day has finally arrived the unveiling of your new website. It is very attractive and I intend to vosot frequently to keep posted on what's new with your writing. Have a nice day.


Name: Barbara Bibel
Posted On: 3/18/04
Comment: Nice Web site, Marcia. I'm looking forward to the program at Oakland Public Library.


Name: Jean Glatzmayer
Posted On: 3/19/04
Comment: I was a fan of Marcia Muller's long before I found out that my sister, Marcie, was a friend of her's. Collected the Joanna Stark books long before I knew about Sharon McCone.


Name: Barbara Hall (Virginia)
Posted On: 3/19/04
Comment: I love the Sharon McCone character. I've read all this series to date and look forward to the new books. I've also read your collaborations w/husband Bill Prozini (spelling?) and loved them all. Please keep writing about Sharon's ups and downs. She's a great character. Thanks for creating the web site so we're kept abreast of your latest.


Name: Loraine Rigazio
Posted On: 3/19/04
Comment: Hi,
I am suffering from Alzheimer's desease and can't read like I did before, but can still listen to and enjoy your books on tape. Incidentally, I have two cats a male named Ralph, and a female named Alice, from the old Honeymooner's series. Thanks again for your terrific writing skills.




Name: Meredith Scott
Posted On: 3/22/04
Comment: Thanks for all the great reads over the years, I especially appreciate that time does not stand still for McCone - she aging and maturing just like the rest of us!


Name: Marilyn/Brooks Gunsul
Posted On: 3/23/04
Comment: Just read Cyanide Wells, enjoyed it's fast moving complicated action, you do paint a picture! Marilyn has it next.Our best to you and that guy you live with.


Name: Louise B. Chinn
Posted On: 3/25/04
Comment: Since reading my 1st Sharom Mccone Mystery "Where Echos Live" I have been hooked on her stories and her life. I have read 4 now starting my 5th book. I will read them all! Thanks Marcia for your dedication to this series. I love them. Oh yea also I am completely taken with Hy Ripensky, what a great charater. Thanks Again. Your fan, Louise


Name: Barbara Hatfield
Posted On: 3/27/04
Comment: I really like the website and so happy you have one now! Enjoying the McCone series - have read the books in order and now up to While Other People Sleep which is going to be one of my favorites. Glad Sharon and Hy are together, makes it interesting. Looking forward to more newsletters. Keep on writing!


Name: Mike Morris
Posted On: 3/28/04
Comment: I have had one of your books on my "TBR" pile for quite some time now and never got around to it yet. The mailing list I am happy to belong to has suggested your books many times but... One of our members got your newsletter and passed it on to us and, after reading it and then perusing your website, I find that I like what I have read about you. Since I tend to read authors, getting to like an author is an important thing. So far, afeter reading the first paragraph, I really enjoy your book.
Congratulations on your is a nice one!



Name: marion mee
Posted On: 3/29/04
Comment: just found your books and so far I love them and will wait for the otherws to come out thanks for the joyfull trip


Name: Bev Garrison
Posted On: 3/29/04
Comment: I love the Sharon McCone series and am anxiously waiting for the next one. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Thanks for all the enjoyment.


Name: Vi
Posted On: 3/30/04
Comment: You are one of the few mystery writers that I reread and reread and reread. Your characters live.


Name: betty
Posted On: 3/30/04
Comment: i have looked and looked and i cant find how to get the newsletter--i have been a fan for years --love the books --i have read all your book and bill's --is there a newletter for bill??--i would like to reciever it i wish you as much pleasure as you have given me


Name: B Cairns
Posted On: 3/30/04
Comment: Have enjoyed your books for several years. Always look forward to the next one. Great web site...


Name: Peggy Bakker
Posted On: 3/31/04
Comment: You are one of my favorites. I love the adventure that Sharon finds.


Name: Joanne Esh
Posted On: 4/4/04
Comment: My daughter, daughter-law and I are in the process of reading all of your books.
We love them
Thank you Jo


Name: CGC
Posted On: 4/10/04
Comment: For approx. 15 years I have been eagerly awaiting each and every book. Thanks so much! Felt like I could relate to McCone because of the age/era/etc.


Name: Kathy Thompson
Posted On: 4/13/04
Comment: Hoping Ms. Muller will tour somewhere on the East Caost in july with her new book?


Posted On: 4/16/04
Comment: Ich habe fast alle Ihre Bücher der Sharon McCone Serie, sofern sie ins Deutsche übersetzt wurden. Habe mir jetzt eins in Englisch gekauft, um meine Sprachkenntnisse aufzubessern. Machen Sie weiter so.


Name: Sandy Bartles
Posted On: 4/17/04
Comment: I have really enjoyed reading your Sharon McCone books. Thank you so much for the delightful entertainment! Please keep the series going!


Name: Lynn Knight
Posted On: 4/17/04
Comment: I am looking for the meaning of Touchstone. Can you send it to Thanks.


Name: Barbara from Virginia
Posted On: 4/21/04
Comment: I have loved everyone of the McCone books. The settings, plots are such you never feel like you're reading "same ole story" and they are never boring. Thanks and keep up the good writing.


Name: Mary Leeper
Posted On: 4/21/04
Comment: My mother and I just finished a marathon reading all of the Sharon McCone stories and we feel that she is alive. We cannot wait for the next book. Very entertaining and by reading them in order we enjoyed comments about previous stories. Thank you for a great character.


Name: Rick Knepp
Posted On: 4/23/04
Comment: LOVE THE MODELS! All Souls is exactly the way I pictured it... experienced de javu when I saw the kitchen. As an alumni of the Mono Lake Committee, I appreciate the information made palatable by the entertainment. It was where I met McCone, and I've been "seeing" a lot of her ever since.


Name: Ann Rumsey
Posted On: 4/24/04
Comment: I have enjoyed every Sharon McCone book immensely and always look forward to the next one. Thanks for showing such a smart confident woman as an exemplary Private Investigator -- I love the San Francisco setting!


Name: Rose in South San Francisco
Posted On: 4/26/04
Comment: I ran out of mystery books to read and asked the librarian for a recommendation with the one condition that it had to be a woman author and a woman heroine, and she recommended you. I borrowed all your books I could find in the branch, went to another, and wiped them out as well. I LOVE your stories and wished I discovered them earlier. I was born and raised in SF, so I really appreciate your details of our city. Maybe one day there will be a Sharon McCone TV series? Thanks for books without abundant profanity and explicit sex scenes, but with a herione who can take care of herself!


Name: Louise Wagner
Posted On: 5/14/04
Comment: I've enjoyed all of your books. Keep writing. Neighbor in Sebastopol.


Name: Hazel Malone
Posted On: 5/20/04
Comment: Marcia, I am and older person that has never read books in my life of 69 years and I was told about your Sharon McCone Books I read one and now I have all that are out and look for more as I reaally enjoy the books and my two daughters make fun of me because I won't look for other authors as they read all the time but I even started the Point Deception books now and I enjoy your writting so much. Thank you for the enjoyable reading.
Hazel Malone


Name: Mike Worozbyt
Posted On: 5/24/04
Comment: I recently discovered Sharon McCone and am slowly collecting the series. I am endeavoring to read them in chronological order.
I thoroughly enjoy Sharon and love the Bay Area.


Name: Joe Ayres
Posted On: 5/29/04
Comment: I've read the whole McCone series in the last 2 months, and can't wait until I get the new one I've already ordered! Keep up the good work. Nice, very nice web site! I love the miniatures... It feels like being there!


Name: Nicole
Posted On: 5/30/04
Comment: My mom and I both enjoy your books very much! We pass them back and forth everytime we come across one we haven't yet read! Thanks for all the great stories!


Name: Maureen Mullis
Posted On: 6/1/04
Comment: My family recently moved away from the Bay Area to the mountains of Colorado. What a joy to discover Sharon McCone! I feel like I get to visit my City again, plus enjoy some top notch mysteries! Thank you Marcia!


Name: jenna
Posted On: 6/3/04
Comment: the very first book i ever read of the Sharon McCone mysterys was Pennies on a Dead Womens Eyes. i was captivated and have been a Sharon McCone junky since great work Marcia Muller


Name: Quetzi P. Fernald
Posted On: 6/6/04
Comment: Hi Marsha,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your website. I'm new to your books, & I have Acid Row sitting in my pile of TBR books, so I'll let you know what I think of your writing, once I've read some of your books. Actually, I also have The Shape of Snakes too. :O) All my fellow reader friends have highly recommended your books to me, so I better hurry up & read them!
Anyway, keep up the good work, & I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Ciao For Now,
~¿~ Quetzi


Name: Tracey Williams
Posted On: 6/7/04
Comment: I have been having Sharon McCone withdrawls. Thank You!


Name: Marie S.
Posted On: 6/8/04
Comment: I have read all your books at least once and am now reading some for the second and third
time. Am looking forword to the new one.


Name: Barbara Turner
Posted On: 6/9/04
Comment: Are you visiting and signing
in Los Angeles? I'm anxiously
awaiting your new book.


Name: Marta Cummings
Posted On: 6/9/04
Comment: I've thoroughly enjoyed your books and watching a character change and mature. The web site is great. Can't wait for the new book.


Name: Yuko Matsushita
Posted On: 6/11/04
Comment: I am a Japanese woman.
I love Sharon MaCorn since I read "Edwin of the iron shoes".
She is not so powerfull likes V.I.Warshawski,but shi is clever and earnest. And most of my fabarite thing that she is ordinary woman.
I want to read all her seriese and want to transration your works someday.


Name: Charlene Savage
Posted On: 6/12/04
Comment: When my husband and I first got together, I wondered why the name 'Charlene Savage' seemed vaguely familiar. It wasn't until re-reading one of your books that the penny dropped! At least his name isn't Ricky, it's Bill. Love your books; happy to share one of the character's names.


Name: Lee Sturgis
Posted On: 6/13/04
Comment: I love your McCone series.


Name: Ellie
Posted On: 6/14/04
Comment: Please continue writing books like Point Deception and Cyanide Wells. These two books are great!!


Name: Ann Michaud
Posted On: 6/15/04
Comment: I think Sharon should come on a case to beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There are many exotic and wonderful places here should could explore :)


Name: Janet Kerans
Posted On: 6/19/04
Comment: I've been a fan for years, but just picked up 'Listen to the Silence' last weekend -- and when I picked it up last night I couldn't put it down until I finished it! I especially was drawn to it since a good friend of mine now on the faculty of the U of Washington grew up on the Flathead Reservation in Montana. My next note is to her, recommending the book! I think she'll love it too.


Name: Kristy
Posted On: 6/23/04
Comment: Love your Sharon McCone series. Please keep those coming! Congrats on having your own site. Your minitures of "All Souls" & "Sharon's" house are cute. =)


Name: Kristy
Posted On: 6/23/04
Comment: Oh-Oh! Got in a hurry and forgot to add that I live in Monterey. It's very fun to read about my area (and the whole Bay ARea too!) in the McCone series.


Name: Leslie
Posted On: 6/25/04
Comment: I loved the book Point Deception and the character of Rhoda Swift & Guy Newberry. Will you be writing another book with these characters again?


Name: Judy Waddle
Posted On: 7/2/04
Comment: I love Sue Grafton and her Kinsey Milhone, but Sharon McCone is my favorite - bar none!Keep up the good work. There are millions of us out here who wait with bated breath for her next adventure!!!


Name: Linda Henderson
Posted On: 7/6/04
Comment: I've been reading your books for many years, almost from the beginning of the Sharon McCone series. As a reader, you've never let me down. I enjoy your work, look forward to the next ones and recommend you to my friends. I hope your introduction to technology will not deter you from writing your very excellent books.


Name: Maggie T. Kimble
Posted On: 7/9/04
Comment: I discovered your books about two months ago and just finished my 14th today. I can't wait to get to the library to find out if they have any more that I haven't read.

Sharon McCone is a wonderful character -- human -- not a cardboard character. She is upstanding, yet understands that sometimes the rules must be bent for the good of all. I feel like Sharon McCone is a dear friend I can call on in times of trouble.

Ms. Muller, you have a great gift! Your books grab me from page one and hold me in their grasp until I turn the last page.

I am a published children's author who is currently writing a mystery for the 12 to 16 year old age bracket. Reading your books has given me great insight into the progression of a good mystery. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to get your new book.

As I have done with Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson, your books will be added to my collection.


Name: Natasha Muzzell
Posted On: 7/10/04
Comment: My co-worker introduced me to your work and I have been a fan ever since!


Name: Lesley McSharry
Posted On: 7/12/04
Comment: Enjoy McCone immensely - keep her coming


Name: Yvette Sussman
Posted On: 7/12/04


Name: Linda Stoddard
Posted On: 7/12/04
Comment: I read your books as soon as they come out. Read Bill's too.
Love the books and eagerly await the next installment of McCone's adventures. Thanks for the many years of entertainment.


Name: Robin Reese
Posted On: 7/13/04
Comment: You are absolutely positively the coolest woman on the planet. I LOVE your books!!!


Name: Freda Murphy
Posted On: 7/13/04
Comment: Can't hardly wait for new boks about Sharon Mcone, I can really lose myself in the stories,I am 74 and have been reading since I was a young person in England, it is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you Marcia for bringing so much enjoyment to lovers of good books.


Name: Kathy Goodman
Posted On: 7/15/04
Comment: Dear Marcia,

I absolutely love your books! I have my daughter addicted to them too! I love Sharon and Hy, and I really hope that they stay together.

I am part Native American and adopted too! I didn't put Listen to the Silence down until I had read every page!

Thank you for such wonderful books! I have every single one of them, and I will continue to buy each one as it comes out. It is eagerly awaited!


Kathy Goodman
Rockville, Maryland


Name: Tom Jeier
Posted On: 7/17/04
Comment: From a fellow-writer in Germany: I read part of the novels in English and part of them in (very good) translations. Sharon is a great character, she's the best (sorry, Kinsey!)


Name: Susan V Milliken
Posted On: 7/17/04
Comment: I have read 3 of the more recent Sharon McCone mysteries and loved them. I didn't know there were so many until I visited this site. I have all the rest on my "to buy" list. Great series and great characters!


Name: Karen Wilks, Noblesville, IN
Posted On: 7/17/04
Comment: I love your books. I just finished "A Wild and Lonely Place" and can't wait to go to the next one! Keep them coming!


Name: Shari Valentine
Posted On: 7/19/04
Comment: How about returning to your roots and do a tour in the Detroit area? We would love to have you visit.


Name: Rachel Edwards
Posted On: 7/23/04
Comment: Thank you so much for setting up a website. It isn't always easy to get hold of your books here in the UK, and it's wonderful now to have a reliable means of finding out when I can read more about Sharon et al.


Name: Phyllis Ginsburg
Posted On: 7/26/04
Comment: I have been a fan since Edwin of the Iron Shoes.I recently turned a friend on to Sharon. So I reread some of the "old" books. Yes, I enjoy them as much as the first time. Can't wait to read the new ones. Thank you.


Name: Adrienne Fender
Posted On: 7/26/04
Comment: I was fortune and found Cheshire Cat's Eye in the Akron, Ohio Public Library shortly after it was published. Immediately Marcia Muller became my favorite author, and still is today. I have collected every book, and look forward to each new publication. Keep up the great work!


Name: Tonia Macneil
Posted On: 7/26/04
Comment: My neighbor and I both enjoy your books. We live on Potrero Hill, so it is all very familiar. Thank you so much!


Name: Tracey Williams
Posted On: 7/26/04
Comment: I am very excited about the new book. Keep writing. There is never enough of Sharon McCone!


Name: gloria stein
Posted On: 7/26/04
Comment: love your books


Name: Donna McMillan
Posted On: 7/27/04
Comment: My pre-ordered copy of "The Dangerous Hour" came yesterday, and I stayed up very late gulping it down. (I'd waited so long for a new Sharon McCone!) This was a very satisfying book--one of the most satisfying, in fact.

I'm so glad that the Sharon McCones have become less grim than the early ones in the series. I love the personal information about Sharon and those dear to her, but the mysteries and the settings in the early books make them very hard to reread. I have to skip so much that I simply don't want to experience, even in print.

The first of the books that I truly love is "A Wolf in the Shadows," although I don't usually care for books the critics like. Most of the books since that one have been a real pleasure. (It's been said of another author who I sometimes read that she likes to torture her characters. I don't care for that, and I'm so grateful that Marcia Muller is allowing Sharon success and personal happiness!)


Name: Amy McCowin
Posted On: 7/27/04
Comment: I have read a book that was written by Marcia . An i enjoy her writing n also im goin to continue to read them all. love ya n keep up the good work.. your doin great..


Name: Marcia Savela
Posted On: 7/28/04
Comment: Greetings....thank you for the many hours of delight I have had in reading your mysteries...though all are enjoyable, I keep returning to read again "The Cheshire Cat's Eye". Thanks again and "Live long and prosper"...M


Name: Anita todd
Posted On: 7/28/04
Comment: I am a fan of yours and glad you have found the computers. I am a mystery nut and enjoy your work. good writing as usual and looking forward to your new books.


Name: Kathy Nagel
Posted On: 7/29/04
Comment: It was fun meeting you at the Petaluma Copperfields this evening. It will make Sharon even more real now that I have met her "best friend." Thank you for sharing your talent with us, your readers. Best of luck on your newest "Soladad" story. And I look forward to jumping into "The Dangerous Hour," its been too long since I rode along with my favorite PI.


Name: Danella
Posted On: 8/1/04
Comment: Love your books - can't get enough!


Name: Sara West
Posted On: 8/1/04
Comment: I always look forward to reading your books! Can't wait to read your latest. Evidently no one else can either as there are so many holds at the library that you might have another out by the time I get it!


Name: Lillian Porter
Posted On: 8/2/04
Comment: Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your books over the years and own most of them. Also liked your web page.



Name: Jane
Posted On: 8/4/04
Comment: Just finished Dangerous Hour. I loved the "political" statement embedded in the mime incident and the mention of my favorite SF restaurant, the Straits Cafe.

I live in FL now but I was a resident of "the avenues", so cheers to Geary Blvd and to you for all these wonderful books!


Name: Karen Gunsul
Posted On: 8/5/04
Comment: Finally, I've booked my first vacation in three years!!!! My first step, I've just bought you last three books that I am woefully behind on!(I depend upon my dear sister Robin to gift me your books, but I shouldn't be so cheap!) Can't wait to read them on the Oregon coast. Thank you so much Marcia -- I love McCone. My best to you and Bill who I understand are the best neighbors in the UNIVERSE!!! Karen(Seattle Sister -- must talk "love" one day....)


Name: Dagmara
Posted On: 8/5/04
Comment: Marcia,

please keep those Sharon Mccone
books coming! I recently accidentally discovered them, and now I can't stop reading them. I am simply fascinated with character development, continuity, and you keep the mystery and suspense element going as well!
I am scared to think what happens
when I read all of them. Please write more McCone books!


Name: Judith Probert
Posted On: 8/6/04
Comment: Just finished "The Dangerous Hour" and loved it. Ms. McCone is getting quite successful, isn't she? I like the new people you've added to her firm - especially Peter. I think this book would make a terrific movie. When will the next book be forthcoming? You certainly left us up in the air with Sharon and Hy.

Thanks for the wonderful entertainment.


Name: Rene
Posted On: 8/6/04
Comment: I loved the ending of The Dangerous Hour. After such a serious novel, I laughed out loud when I ready Hy's last line.


Name: Marcy Young
Posted On: 8/8/04
Comment: Your books are a true delight to read. They are treaured parts of my library.


Name: Sandy
Posted On: 8/9/04
Comment: Marcia,

Thank you for setting your Sharon McCone mysteries in recognizable settings in California!

FYI: A friend indicated to me that a saying about water in California came from a news broadcast years ago with Harry Reasoner:

"In California, water is not allowed to seek its own level - it goes where it's sent"


Name: Dotty Morefield
Posted On: 8/10/04
Comment: Great books! But how can we possibly wait for the next McCone book to find out if she and Hy actually make it to Reno and get married?


Name: Paulette Stoddard
Posted On: 8/10/04
Comment: I just read The Dangerous Hour and now I want to read all of the book by you!! Wonderful reading .....


Name: Mary Guzman
Posted On: 8/11/04
Comment: My first book was Dark Star (a Joanna Stark novel), than I read Edwin of the Iron Shoes, my first McCone mystery and I can not tell you how many times I resold that book in my used paperback book store. As a native Californian (So. CA by birth) and stationed in the Navy at a medical dispensary at Market and VanNess, San Fran. I am a die-hard McCone fan, but I would enjoy a few more Joanna Stark mysteries. But MOST of all I would love to find a list of all your books in chronological order, if possible. Thank you, a faithful reader who now has to buy her own books because they never come back or come in to slow!


Name: Marti G.
Posted On: 8/11/04
Comment: Just finished The Dangerous Hour. As my friend, neighbor and fellow mystery reader said when she gave it to me,"I couldn't put it down." I, too, enjoyed it immensely. Liked references to past cases and other characters.

What was wrong with those publishers who rejected you and Sharon?


Name: Larry Jacober
Posted On: 8/15/04
Comment: . . . and I'm thrilled to be reading about you on my Mac. I've been reading your books for quite a while, however I've been on a Mac since 1984. My patience finally paid off. PS. Your site is excellent . . . . and so was "The Dangerous Hour"


Name: zenia bielsker
Posted On: 8/16/04
Comment: Enjoy the books immensely!


Name: Judy Waddle
Posted On: 8/16/04
Comment: My bookcases overflow, but I'm still going to go online to find all the first books written. You have such a wonderful gift of storytelling. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Name: Melissa Costa
Posted On: 8/16/04
Comment: Sharon is like an old friend now, thank you for that gift!


Name: Laura Robison
Posted On: 8/16/04
Comment: Love your books! Have enjoyed everything I could find since the 80's. Many thanks for hours of pleasure over the years!


Name: Jenn
Posted On: 8/18/04
Comment: I love your books


Name: Jane Hoholski
Posted On: 8/20/04
Comment: Just finished reading "The Dangerous Hour". I can't seem to put down your books. Have to finish reading them in one sitting, it it is at all possible. Anyway, I like the way that you included Elena Oliverez in the book. I was wondering if she would ever show up in a new book. Also, it's about time Sharon accepts Hy's proposal.


Name: Linda Hart
Posted On: 8/21/04
Comment: Over the years, I have read all of your books. Some twice. I have to tell you that your latest "The Dangerous Hour" was the best yet. Love Sharon McCone and all your other characters. Can't wait til the next one. All the Best, Linda Hart


Name: Samantha Christopher
Posted On: 8/23/04
Comment: Just discovered your books a few months ago and I've been enjoying them ever since. Keep up the great work!


Name: Sharon L.
Posted On: 8/23/04
Comment: I am a great fan and I have read "Sharon" from the start and will continue as long as you write them.

What a pleasant surprise to find this web site!!


Name: Martha Woodard
Posted On: 8/25/04
Comment: My mother brought me Edwin of the Iron Shoes from the library some time while I was in college in the late 80s. I have always loved mysteries and was thrilled with a female character in San Francisco (my hometown). I have read all of your mysteries and reread them often.


Name: Joan Arnold Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Posted On: 8/25/04
Comment: I enjoy reading your books. Once picked up they are hard to put down. I have ordered one of your husbands bookd, hopefully he is as enjoyable. Thanks


Name: Harold Wilson
Posted On: 8/26/04
Comment: It's about time you got a web site! Love your McCone mysteries. The stories remind me of my years living in the bay area. Your books got me through long period at sea while in the Navy.


Name: Mary Coles
Posted On: 8/27/04
Comment: Just want to tell you how much I love your books. I believe I have all of them, and have started re-reading them from the beginning. When I'm thru with yours, I'll start in again with the Nameless series. You and your husband have given me countless hours of reading joy. Thank you very much.


Name: Mary Sullivan
Posted On: 8/28/04
Comment: I grew up on 24th & Alabama streets and on 24th & Rhode Island streets, so very familiar with some of the landmarks in your books. Since we live in Georgia now, your books make me homesick. I've bought several of your books (and your husband's) at the Mystery Bookstore on upper 24th whenever I visit family. Enjoyed your most recent book. Just finished it tonight!


Name: Judith Rochelle
Posted On: 8/29/04
Comment: I have been with sharonj since Edwin of the iron Shoes. she is my favorite kind of person, strong and not destroyed by the challenges she keeps facing. I love sharon and Hy as a couple I have just finished Dangerous Hours and I am so delighted Sharon has accepted Hy's proposal. I guess besides being a mystery junkie I am an incurable romantic and I always like my couples to end up togetehr. And they suit each other. By the way, I lived in detroit for a number of years and graduated from the University of Michigan so we are Wolverines in common. I can't wait for the next book. Thanks again for keeping Sharon and Hy together.


Name: Diane Jordan
Posted On: 8/30/04
Comment: I decided to read & reread the Sharon McCone Mysteries. So last Wednesday (8/25) I went to the library and got the first 10 - I just finished those and am excited to get to the library again Wednesday. What a great way to start my retirement. Thank you!


Name: Katha
Posted On: 8/30/04
Comment: I just finished THe Dangerous Hour and have enjoyed all of McCone's books. Thanks for many years of great writing.


Name: Eva from Germany
Posted On: 8/31/04
Comment: I ave read them all, which are translated in german and some in english. Hope, we will got some more. I like the story of Shaorin and Hy and i am curious, how they will develope their life.


Name: Brenda Treat Allen
Posted On: 8/31/04
Comment: I love all your books, especially this last one, "The Dangerous Hour", and am really happy that Shar finally said YES to Hy!


Name: C Marshall
Posted On: 9/1/04
Comment: The best thing about your characters is that they are not static--they age, they mature, the decisions they make now are not necessarily the same that they would have made in the earlier books.


Name: Ursula McCafferty
Posted On: 9/2/04
Comment: Marcia, your Sharon McCone books are the greatest. I'm at pg 231 of The Dangerous Hour and can't wait to finishe it.
I am a fellow author (though not famous, believe me.) Have written a whacky memoir, (self published) and have finally finished my fahter's biography (a years work.) An agent requested an intro, bio, and two chapters some months ago so I'm praying. In the meantime I have started another book... a mystery with a giggle or two.

I'm a retired US Postmaster, mother of 5, grandma of 12 and GG of 4. Welcome to the age of the personal computer. I'm fast approaching my 84th birthday and could not live without my PC.


Name: karen jones
Posted On: 9/3/04
Comment: i have just discovered sharon mccone and am happily reading as many of your books as i can find. very very good!!


Name: Norma Novy
Posted On: 9/4/04
Comment: I love your books--I found a list of all your books on the unofficial Marcia Muller website and bought all of them through Abe Books! That was my 2003 Xmas present to myself. I treat myself with your books, and I've almost read them all! Aaaagg! What happens when I finished? I love Sharon McCone, but I love the other ones as well. Thank you, thank you.


Name: Barbara Melodia
Posted On: 9/4/04


Name: Sandy Stasiowski
Posted On: 9/5/04
Comment: Hi Marcia,
I have read all of your books and look forward eagerly to each new one. Just finished reading THE DANGEROUS is one of your best! The description of trying to give a shot to your cat was laugh-out-loud funny. As "mom" to a cat with asthma, I truly could picture the ordeal.
Keep up the great work.


Name: Janet Knowles
Posted On: 9/8/04
Comment: Love all your books but especially love the ending on your last one when she finally got smart and decided to get married to my favorite hunk and he immediately heads for a marriage chapel.


Name: Betty Gyetko
Posted On: 9/10/04
Comment: Love your books. Just became a recent reader. Also reading Bill Prozini - is Kerry in his books based on your description? He certainly gave a great description in his book "Sentinels".


Name: Kim
Posted On: 9/13/04
Comment: My Dad got me started on the Sharon McCone books years ago and we've shared them ever since, mostly on tape. Love them and can't wait for the next one. My Dad is also a big Pronzini fan but is diappointed that some are out of print and he can't seem to get ahold of some titles. Thanks for the great reads!


Name: RussWhite
Posted On: 9/13/04
Comment: Finally, a web site that is actually navigable (easily)!
Actually, found it while looking for info on when new book is coming out... I think I have just about all of them in one form another, a few book club, a few paperback most of the recent S.M in Hardcover, and each one seems better than the previous.


Name: Larry
Posted On: 9/13/04
Comment: Am just now reading the dangerous hour -- loving it. I am so glad to see you returning to more contained books; thoght that after broken promised land -- which i strggled thru -- that you recaptured the essence of mccone with a walk thru the fire. I have to admit that (like a lot of mystery readers) i have only read one of your series -- mccone -- and not the others.

I did read the mccone nameless crossover because of course namless is to die for -- YAY Bill.

anyway, hope you don't mind the slightly negative comment, it's just that i love shar so much and worried about her for a few books. :) Larry


Name: Karen Johnston
Posted On: 9/14/04
Comment: I just finished "The Dangerous Hour", the first of your books I've ever read, and I thoroughly enojoyed it! I will definitely be reading more of them!


Name: Brenda Rudolph
Posted On: 9/16/04
Comment: I am an avid mystery reader, but only recently discovered your books. I like to read books with recurring characters in order, and I'm currently on the third one - The Cheshire Cat's Eyes. I plan to read all of them!!


Name: gemma
Posted On: 9/18/04
Comment: I have read all of your books -and all of your husband's books. What a treat it is when I do a "search" and see that either of you have a new book coming out. Sincere thanks for many, many enjoyable hours of escape!


Name: John Bohnert
Posted On: 9/19/04
Comment: Hi Marcia, Back in 1995 I attended a Bay Area book signing to meet your husband who was signing his HARDCASE book. I am a fan of his "Nameless" series. I waited until all the others had their books signed. I wanted to talk to Bill and tell him how much I enjoyed his books. To be polite I also bought a copy of your book A WILD AND LONELY PLACE even though I had never read any of your books. Well, I soon discovered that I love reading your "Sharon McCone" series and now have them all in hardcover. Thank you both for providing me many hours of reading pleasure.


Name: Mary Davis
Posted On: 9/23/04
Comment: I love the Sharon McCone books, ever since I first read "Edwin of the Iron Shoes" and then read each new book and eagerly waited for the next one.

I also loved the Joanna Stark books - I wish there were more than three in that series.

Marcia Muller is the best!
Thanks for the many years of reading enjoyment.


Name: Natalie Garcia
Posted On: 11/17/04
Comment: I haven't read any of your books yet, but, plan to start soon


Name: Rick Nelson
Posted On: 11/18/04
Comment: I just finished "The Dangerous Hour" and really enjoyed it. I'm caught up on the McCone novels. I'd like see McCone and the Nameless Detective team up again.


Name: Rita Marshall
Posted On: 11/21/04
Comment: Read all your books-just finished the Dangerous Hour and
was terrific. You are a wonderful author and so is your husband as I have read his books about Nameless too. I live in Quincy, California cannot wait for your next McCone adventure along with Hy.!


Name: Rita Marshall
Posted On: 11/21/04
Comment: Read all your books-just finished the Dangerous Hour and
was terrific. You are a wonderful author and so is your husband as I have read his books about Nameless too. I live in Quincy, California cannot wait for your next McCone adventure along with Hy.!


Name: Patricia Cantrell
Posted On: 11/22/04
Comment: I really enjoyed visiting your website.


Name: Mrs Bobby Hoyle
Posted On: 9/26/04
Comment: I've enjoyed your books for years - having just come to the end of The Dangerous Hour, I am already hungry for the next book about Sharon McCone.

Many thanks


Name: Marilyn Elsts
Posted On: 10/2/04
Comment: I have to say Sharon McComb is one of my favorite people. We love her adventures. I just wanted to bring up one thing. In "Dead Midnight" the villainess is supposed to come from Pinole. We are a great town. Didn't sound like in your one paragraph. We're a quiet town in Contra Costa County. One end of our town is off the San Pablo Bay with a beautiful view and lovely homes over looking it. We extend from there out to the valley. We're a wonderful little bedroom community that still has Christmas Tree lightings, parades, a teen center, clean shopping centers and we still say "hello" to our neighbors. It would be nice if Sharon could come visit so she could find out that Vardon didn't come from such a bad place. Maybe have an adventure around here when she visited?
Sincerely, a TRUE FAN


Name: mary anne cohen
Posted On: 10/8/04
Comment: I'm a fan since the 70s, love all your books and Sharon, and especially your portrayal of an adopted person finding out late in life, searching, and reconnecting with birthfamily. The way you have handled this rings true, unlike most fiction dealing with this subject. Your writing is a joy to me and many.


Name: Elizabeth Wick
Posted On: 10/9/04
Comment: I adore your books. Couldn't you write a little faster? One a year is just torture. Great Web Site too with lots of fun info. Sharon and Hy are super together and add so much to the adventure. Love those cats too. Thanks for providing wonderful hours of reading


Name: Stephanie J. Soltysiak
Posted On: 10/9/04
Comment: I have read all of the Sharon McCone novels, including The Dangerous Hour and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the series and I always look forward to the next one. Thanks for a great cast of characters.


Name: Anne Wilson
Posted On: 10/10/04
Comment: I am new to using a computer and typed your name on the chance that you would have a web site. Thank you for all the great books that you have written, I've read them all. Your newest, "The Dangerous Hour" will be on my list of must read the next time I am at my local library. I'm sure that they will have it or will make sure that they get it.
Thanks and keep writing. AW


Name: Robin from New Zealand
Posted On: 10/11/04
Comment: Love the twists and turns that evolve in the life of Sharon McCone. Please keep them coming they are a pleasure to read.


Name: Mindy Cox
Posted On: 10/12/04
Comment: Can you write faster? I could read one of your books every week! I love to get lost in Sharon Mccone's life. You are an amazing author! Keep the books coming.


Name: Valerie In Michigan
Posted On: 10/15/04
Comment: Good reads, always glad to find
one on the new books shelf at the
library! Thanks for new books!


Name: Carolyn Van Riper
Posted On: 10/16/04
Comment: Was just checking to see if I had read all your books, have read all your mysteries, but found some others have not read - going to see if Bill has his books listed too. Thanks to both of you for good reading.


Name: Lynn
Posted On: 10/16/04
Comment: Some how I missed finding the wonderful Muller books until a couple of years ago.I have tried to read every one of them since then and have come close. Thanks for some great journeys by book!!!


Name: Candy Bonham
Posted On: 10/19/04
Comment: Hey for someone who has an adversion to computers, I have to say your site rocks! Then I saw that you were using a MAC and figured that must been what helped. I'm a MAC user from way back, one of the places I worked had Developmently developed workers and we taught them how to use the MACs for their work. Oh and love your books too by the way. I hope you plan on coming to B'Con 2007, here in Anchorage Alaska. Keep on keeping on!


Name: S.M.Harding
Posted On: 10/20/04
Comment: Have enjoyed McCone from the first -- and particularly appreciate the increasing complexity of character (or perhaps the gradual revelation of complexity)Keep on truckin'


Name: Stephanie
Posted On: 10/20/04
Comment: Thank you for letting Sharon and Hy evolve. I found "Listen to the Silence" while looking for something new, then had to start from the beginning. I love the way Sharon and Hy banter - carrying two or three conversations at once. When is the next one coming?


Name: Mary Kirwood
Posted On: 10/21/04
Comment: I love your books & Sharon McCone & friends are great! I had to laugh when poor Ralph got diabetes - years ago my cat Georgie (George S. McGovern - he was a campaign kitty) got diabetes & I remember my sister chasing him around the house with the syringe. I'd pet him while he was eating, give him hist shot, & he'd go on purring blissfully unaware - I guess I had the magic touch. One day he had seizures & the vet thought I'd overdosed him. Turns out cats often get "transient" diabetes - meaning it can just go away, so any insulin would've been an overdose. He recovered & lived the rest of his life diabetes free. I wish the same for Ralph. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next book! Thanks!


Name: Debbie
Posted On: 10/22/04
Comment: Marsha, I've sooo enjoyed your writing. It's amazing to me how you take blank sheets of paper and turn them into pure magic. I was reading McCone's latest adventure and wanted to extend Sharon a HAPPY belated BIRATHDAY!!...During that timeline, I was all wrapped up in the residual trappings of the Florida hurricanes and it's just 'funny' what we humans attach ourselves to and how amongst all the rubble I am just sick that I've lost every one of my first edition...lovingly dog-eared McCone mystery's you've published. Pure testiment to your writing ability that I feel separated from a dear acquaintance. ~Anyway, I wish Sharon every happiness and many, many more years of success and look forward to her and Hy's wedding and the pitter-patter of little Ripinsky's. -D.


Name: Lynn Anderson
Posted On: 10/23/04
Comment: I have just read my first Marcia Muller book, it will not be my last. I am an avid fan o f mysteries. I can't imagine how the Sharon McCone books escaped my attention...but now I have an entire new set of books to read. Thank you


Name: Arleen Santonas
Posted On: 10/24/04
Comment: I've just discovered Marcia and I am really enjoying them. I've read the three latest, not including the 2004 book. As an avid mystery reader, I appreciate the characters very much. They are not one-dimensional and Marcia makes their actions both believeable and interesting. I'm hooked and will probably wind up with all of them. Thanks for the entertainment.


Name: Avis Rosten
Posted On: 10/25/04
Comment: I have been reading your books invarious parts of the world,and always with keen enjoyment for the well-crafted plots and the delight of third-person narration


Name: Theresa
Posted On: 10/26/04
Comment: I also live in Petaluma and have been delighted to read about familiar places in your novels (though sometimes with different names). I seek out local authors and began reading your Sharon McCone series from the first book. In short, I got hooked and read all of them, in order. It was a sad day when I finished the latest one published and had to wait until the next. I finally got my hands on "Dangerous Hour" just today and can't wait to read it. I also very much enjoyed the two books you've set in "Soledad County". Thank you for many enjoyable hours. See you in Safeway!


Name: Wendy Engelmann
Posted On: 10/26/04
Comment: McCone has captured my heart. Please keep writing her stories. You and others have inspired me to write and write and write!


Name: Jim Rizzo
Posted On: 10/27/04
Comment: Just another big, burley italian guy of 50 something years (sound familiar?), who thinks you are such a talented writer. I've read all of the Mc Cone mysteries and enjoyed them completely.

My best to Bill.


Name: Suzanne
Posted On: 11/2/04
Comment: I can't even tell you how important your books are to me. I feel as if Sharon McCone is a friend of mine. I live in Kansas City - yet LOVE San Francisco. My husband and I visit San Francisco and Napa Valley often. You bring your characters and San Francisco to life! You write a story that makes the reader so enthralled with all the characters, and you mix it up perfectly. I surprised myself by liking "Cyanide Wells" - I did not want to like it. A new character? EWW! But I loved it despite myself. Your ability to lend humanity to your characters makes you my biggest idol. I find myself at odds wanting to know NOW what happens to Sharon at the end of a book! Thank you for sharing Sharon McCone with the world. You don't know what you've shown in reality, humanity and dedication.


Name: Anthony
Posted On: 11/2/04
Comment: I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon around 1991. Her adventures have kept me waiting for next one. I took a Detective Mystery course and our class read the one that started it all: Edwin of the Iron Shoes. I gave a presentation and enjoyed re-reading the work and introducing others to Ms. Muller.


Name: Kathy Ep
Posted On: 11/3/04
Comment: Love all your books - I'm a giant McCone Fan...and a Nameless fan too - Love ya both!


Name: Barbara Hosfeld from Berlin, Germany
Posted On: 11/11/04
Comment: Dear Marcia,
I just discovered your webside. Congratulations and many thanks for Sharon McCone. What about a book tour in Germany? I would love to have a signed McCone-book!


Name: Syd Olausen
Posted On: 11/11/04
Comment: I have been reading your books for years! I feel like all the characters are old friends. You keep the pages turning and the characters developing.


Posted On: 11/11/04
Comment: Thank you for the years of pleasure your books have given me. The Sharon McCone books are ones I need to own because I've read most of them several times. I love the development over time, the ability to pinpoint San Francisco locations on a city map, and most of all the wonderful collection of characters who become old friends. The Dangerous Hour was a delight--especially the development at the end.


Name: Linda Ferrell Stoddard
Posted On: 11/22/04
Comment: I have read all of your books that I can find and also Bill's books what a talent you two have. Thanks for all the years of entertainment. Best wishes.


Name: Crystal Whiting
Posted On: 11/22/04
Comment: I passed you up, reading other authors both male and females. I was desperate for a book to read and i picked up your latest book at my local library and ever since I have been reading all the Sharon McCone books i can get my hands on. Thank God to Interlibrary Loan. I really love your books and I want even more books to come, Sincerely a reader in Newton,Ks.


Name: Melissa
Posted On: 11/22/04
Comment: HAPPY THANKSGIVING MARCIA! Looking forward to reading more fantastic books!


Name: Hazel Malone
Posted On: 11/23/04
Comment: Just wanted to thank you for your news letter as I really enjoy your books cannot wait for the next one for Sharon Mc Comb and also the Soledad area books Have all that you have written except one you wrote with your husband I cannot find. I will keep looking and again thanks for the update.
Best to you and yours,


Name: Linda Chaput
Posted On: 11/23/04
Comment: hello from canada
this is a wonderful website.i'm sincerely looking forward to reading marcia's for now


Name: william l watkins
Posted On: 11/24/04
Comment: none


Name: Loretta Coltrane
Posted On: 11/25/04
Comment: Our local library will launch a women's mystery book discussion group using the CA Center for the Book's program, "Women of Mystery: Three Writers Who Forever Changed Detective Fiction." I couldn't believe that some of our patrons had never read a Sharon McCone mystery! We will have fun discussing Paretsky's, Grafton's, and your books! Thanks for all you do to advance and uplift all women through your wonderfully crafted female sleuths.


Name: John Cobb
Posted On: 11/27/04
Comment: Your writing means so much to me, as does Bill's. I'm grateful for your increased accessibility via this newsletter and the website, and I await anxiously your next one.


Name: Sigrun Schulz
Posted On: 11/28/04
Comment: I first heard about you when you were speaking at the Romantic Times Convention in Toronto in September 1999, the only convention that's ever been close to me. I think it's great that you and other female authors have broken into the general mystery market.


Name: Bette &J.J. Lamb
Posted On: 11/29/04
Comment: pls. enter the reading and writting of todd,by wells,by bram,by carolls,by gleason.


Name: Wanda Gooch
Posted On: 12/1/04
Comment: I love your books. Just checked your latest out of the library. Please write faster! I love Sharon McCone.


Name: Amber Cramer
Posted On: 12/5/04
Comment: I just got done reading you book Dead Midnight. It was one of the best books i have ever read. I would really love to write books if i was as good as you. youre bookscombined with your experiance before you began writting books are inspiring


Posted On: 12/6/04
Comment: THANK YOU for continuing the Rhoda Swift Charcter. I just got through with Point Deception and was checking to see if any books continued along that line. I have read about a third of the Sharon McCone series and look forward to the books with Rhoda Swift and her potential boyfriend.


Name: Bridget Clayton
Posted On: 12/7/04
Comment: I just finished Dangerous Hour and heard of the website. I discovered Sharon McCone by accident, I think about the 6th book, and fell in love. I have every one now, although Edwin was extra hard to find! I am always in impatient anticipation of your next one. I am now on a mission to get all the non-McCone books to see if I can fall in love all over again. Keep up the GREAT work!


Name: Nancy White
Posted On: 12/8/04
Comment: I really enjoy the Sharon McCone mysteries. Thanks for keeping me reading!


Name: Rose Jackson
Posted On: 12/13/04
Comment: Hi,
I just read Desperate Hour and liked it very much (just as I liked all the rest!). I wondered if you have any reaction from right wing people about Sharon's view of the political scene at the time the book was written. I agreed completely!
Rose Jackson


Name: Marcia Watson
Posted On: 12/14/04
Comment: Just discovered you in The Dangerous Hour. Loved it. But have questions about Hy's Morgan. Did he ever belong to the Morgan Club of SF?

I did, and I find it inconceivable that any Morgan owner would just wake up one morning and sell his/her Morgan JUST because it didn't start. THAT'S part of the charm of all Morgans.

Sometimes they don't start; other times, parts fall off and the owner ties the parts back on with bailing wire, until it can be fixed. If you need help you just call another Morgan owner, or you have a VERY SPECIAL auto repairman who lovingly works on your Morgan. And he may be located 50 miles from where you live.

Anyway, I know I have lots of earlier novels to enjoy reading.

Keep up the entertaining work!


Name: Alice (not the cat)
Posted On: 12/17/04
Comment: Thank you so much for the Sharon McCone series, which just gets better with every book. I've read and reread them, and hope that you continue to enjoy writing these wonderful stories.

*And* that Sharon really has found "permanent happiness" with Hy - we will all be heartbroken if this relationship ends!


Name: Mike Radesky / Benicia, CA
Posted On: 12/27/04
Comment: I hear that you are being awarded a "lifetime achievement"
Edgar in 2005. You're in the Hall
of Fame; Mazeltov! I can't think of anyone more deserving.


Name: Matt A. from Philadelphia
Posted On: 12/28/04
Comment: I've long enjoyed your work, even the stand-alones like Cyanide Wells, which I thought was especially good. I guess that's what they mean by writing books people will want to read even if they know the last page is missing. Thanks, and keep it up!


Name: Pat from Chicago
Posted On: 12/30/04
Comment: I've read all of the Sharon McCone books and eagerly await the next. I also love Ralph and Allie (I'm a cat person too).


Name: Kay Meidlinger
Posted On: 12/30/04
Comment: Just finished "The Dangerous Hour." I have read all the McCone books and look forward to the next one! I hope there will be more on Sharon's birth family.


Name: Queensammer
Posted On: 1/5/05
Comment: Just picked up Edwin of Iron Shoes at the library and I now have two others on hold and bought Edwin on Barns and Noble website for my collection. It is hard to keep me intrested in a book but you have done it!!It looks like I will be just as happy as the others on this page!!


Name: Arlene Billy
Posted On: 1/6/2005
Comment: Dear Marcia,
Thanks so much for your wonderful mysteries. I enjoy so much learning more about my favorite city by the bay. I moved to S.F. in 1963 at the age of 24. Lived on Bush St. for 1 1/2 years and worked at the Sf Welfare Dept. with my "beat" being Hunters Point. I also did intake for a while, which gave me excursions to all parts of the city. I now live in Half Moon Bay and love it. I'm a videographer and recently finished a video on the Pumpkin Festival. I've spent time at many of the site where your books are centered and enjoy hearing more about the areas and the colorful people. Thanks for sharing so much with us. P.S. I'm originally from CT and graduated from the University of CT.


Name: Mary Dedmon
Posted On: 1/9/2005
Comment: I thionk your books are great. I've read them all. Can't wait until the next one.


Name: Jennifer Herron
Posted On: 1/11/2005
Comment: I have read all your books over the course of about a decade, and they really bring me back to my years in San Francisco, 1978 to 1982, when I was a dental student at UCSF. The great part is that later books take place in places like Chula Vista, Clairemont, Borrego Springs, etc., which are close to my home in San Diego. So I can imagine the locations so well. I have also been through places like Mono Lake , the Sacramento delta, and Alturas, which figure in other books.
The only book I did not relate to was the one that took place on Kauai. Too disconnected from the mainland!
Keep up the Sharon McCone series. And I am getting rather tired of Hy--he is never home! Would you consider killing him off and replacing him with a San Franciscan? Just wondering.......


Name: Vickie Deragon
Posted On: 1/16/2005
Comment: A co-worker introduced me to your work about 10 years ago. I've been hooked ever since. Do to budget restaints I puchace all the older releases I can find through used book stores and thrift shops. New ones I grab where and when ever I can. Thank you for many hours of some of the best reading I have ever enjoyed.


Name: Sharon Miller
Posted On: 1/17/2005
Comment: I have just been introduced to your mysteries and have to start collecting them from the first to the present. I didn't fall in love with the mystery genre until over 50 and hope I get to read all of your as I am told, you are the Absolute Must read in mysteries.


Name: Nancy Scull
Posted On: 1/20/2005
Comment: I love Sharon and look forward to her adventures. I've been trying to locate coies of all the books!


Name: Pauline Lloyd Scaduto
Posted On: 1/21/2005
Comment: Read several of your books and enjoy them. Just finished "Dangerous Hour". I grew up in SF and lived in No. San Mateo county during my maried life. Retired to Amador County. There were a lot of refrences in this book that I knew exactly where they were. Thanks for an enjoyable book and memories of places I know.


Name: henny bannink
Posted On: 1/27/2005
Comment: I love your books and, since I discovered the first one, I've bought all of them as soon as they were out.
please go on writing for a long time........


Name: elizabeth craven
Posted On: 1/27/2005
Comment: Really enjoyed the Latest McCone


Name: Ilyssa Wesche
Posted On: 2/3/2005
Comment: I just started reading There's Nothing to be Afraid Of, after a long hiatus from mysteries. So far I like the book BUT I have to say - a woman who's 5'10" and weighs 200 pounds cannot possibly be fat enough to "convey all that authority" The "enormous shelf of her bosom"? Oh boy.


Name: Jim Hickey
Posted On: 2/5/2005
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful books you have written. You and Bill must be the busiest people on earth. I have them all and am waiting with bated breathe for the next one.

Does Bill Pronzini have a web site or an e-mail address?


Name: Michael Powers
Posted On: 2/7/2005
Comment: February 7, 2005

Ms. Marcia Muller

Dear Marcia,

I'm a mystery/suspense buff and very selective with authors; No to gory details and knowing who did it toward the beginning of the story, YES to decency of characters, delightful humor, and a positive sense of life. I’m especially partial to writing in the first person. Congratulations, you pass the mustard nicely.

I'm hooked on Sharon only after one book. It's great to have a lot of mystery adventures still ahead of me and primarily located in the familiar Bay Area where I live.

How did I discover you? You can thank my 85 year-young Mom for bringing home books I can pick through before she recycles them throughout various San Francisco senior groups. I found and first read, “Listen to the Silence”. Then I intuited that your website must be your name dot com.

My wife, Susan, & I drive from Sunnyvale and stay with her monthly at her home in the Sunset. The three of us enjoy walking, hiking, and exploring the City together. We’re glad you’re nearby too.

Much gratitude, appreciations, and best wishes,

Michael Powers


Name: Ray Druian
Posted On: 2/8/2005
Comment: I'm very greatful for your body of work. Your characers have become almost like friends, and I'm always wondering what they'll be up to next. I lived in The City for five years, and I used to crawl around the Mission visiting some of the same places Marcia and her associates do.


Name: angela kreuz
Posted On: 2/15/2005
Comment: dear marcia,
just reading your 'cheshire cat's eye'... great inspiration!


Name: Lynda Wright
Posted On: 2/17/2005
Comment: Dear Marcia;
Love your books and consider Sharon a great friend. I just finished Cyanide Wells and was very impressed to see my hometown and other familiar places in B.C. in print.
But Sharon is still my favorite please don't ever stop writing.


Name: Sharon Moore
Posted On: 2/20/2005
Comment: I have been reading your books for ten years. I have enjoyed veryone of them. You have a way of telling a story that keeps you insteresd till the end. I am hoping your next will be out soon. Of course as a reader I am ready for the next one right away. I have read everyone of the McCone series two or more times. I also, like Bill's books. It would be interesting to hear more of how Sharon is dealing with her background and relationship is her family. Keep up the great work.


Name: Valerie Smith
Posted On: 2/20/2005
Comment: Just finished "The Dangerous Hour" in one week-end. Like all the Sharon McCone mysteries, I really enjoyed this one!


Name: Christine Bayadi - Sydney Australia
Posted On: 2/27/2005
Comment: Just having finished the whole Sharon McCone series over a period of 6 months has left me asking "when's the next book due out??". If it can be true your writing just gets better with each book.

All I know is I am definitely going to get to San Francisco one day & will be taking my list of places references from your books as my "must see" list, not from the tourist brochures.

Thanks for some great reading.


Name: Jamie Nelson
Posted On: 3/2/2005
Comment: I'm a long-time fan. Keep them coming. I'm delighted by your website. Been looking for it periodically over the years. All the best.


Name: Tana McLane
Posted On: 3/2/2005
Comment: Dear Marcia: I have been reading your Sharon McCone series a bit out of order, but pretty quickly for the past several months. Your books strike just the right level of danger, without succumbing to gratuitous grizzliness. I also like a strong sense of place in a story, and you accomplish that as well. And I appreciate McCone's completeness as a character, and one who evolves as her life and experience march on. As a Floridian who makes infrequent trips to California, I have great curiosity about other locations I hope I will discover as I read on: the California wine country, northern California, the islands offshore, Sauslito; and even Modesto, which surely shows up in true crime news stories like the Scott Peterson case and Chandra Levy... I have passed your books on to my mother-in-law and to my best friend. I hope you continue to write the McCone series long into the future!


Name: Nancy Clarke
Posted On: 3/4/2005
Comment: I love your books , and always buy one for myself as well as some for the shop. My question is , I seem to remember you having a Latina detective short series. Is this so ? I enjoyed them .Are they long out of print?


Name: Eugene J Bahnsen
Posted On: 3/4/2005
Comment: Thanks for the great books. Love the McCone series.Just bought Point Deception to see how Swift enforces the law.


Name: Susan Gremillion West
Posted On: 3/4/2005
Comment: Anxiously await each new book. Have recently begun the Skip Langdon series (I'm from Louisiana and just discovered her!) and read on the jacket that you and Julie Smith are friends. It makes perfect sense that two of my favorite writers with great women detectives would be good friends. Thanks for Sharon and your other characters and hoping for many more books to come!


Name: Janet
Posted On: 3/4/2005
Comment: Love your books.


Name: bonnie j szul
Posted On: 3/5/2005


Name: Cheryl Berger
Posted On: 3/5/2005
Comment: I really enjoy your books and am currently up to "Listen to the Silence". I was really curious if you always had the idea in your mind about Sharon's parents when you started writing about her. I am almost sorry I am catching up with you. Thanks for the site.


Name: Rod Zimmerman
Posted On: 3/5/2005
Comment: This is my first visit to the website. I like it. It is evident you and McCone have many fans -- well deserved in my humble opinion.


Name: Maureen Elwood
Posted On: 3/5/2005
Comment: Sharon has been like a very good friend over the past two decades--thank you for all your hard work, Marcia!


Name: Prentiss Garner
Posted On: 3/6/2005
Comment: I am looking forward to the new books! I hope that sometime your publishers whill send you down south again. I am in North Carolina and would love to see you at my favorite bookstore, Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, NC. I live in Burlington, NC and work at UNC-CH at Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks for all of the hours of emjoyment you have provided! I understand about technology. I, too, learned late in life!!!


Name: Matthew B
Posted On: 3/12/2005
Comment: My grandmother likes your books, so thought I would look at some of them myself.


Name: Bev Stephans
Posted On: 3/14/2005
Comment: Dear Marcia,

Welcome to the 21st century. So glad that you finally got a website. Your books have given me so much reading pleasure over the years. Sharon feels like a member of the family (well, a distant cousin). I would really love to see another McCone/Nameless book. Any plans for one? Keep up the great writing.


Name: Beryl and Don Clarke
Posted On: 3/14/2005
Comment: Love Sharon McCone. We are new to your books but cannot get enough of them now. Keep up the good work.


Name: Bobbie DeCoster
Posted On: 3/15/2005
Comment: I especially enjoyed the photo gallery--not only getting a feeling for where Sharon works and lives, but also to see Alice and Ralph enjoying life.


Name: agnes
Posted On: 3/21/2005
Comment: i love your work. keep it up!!


Name: Sunny Frazier
Posted On: 3/21/2005
Comment: I am Vice President of San Joaquin SinC chapter. We mentioned you in our Poison Pen newsletter. If you would like a copy, please send snail mail address. Loved your speech in Corte Madera.


Name: donald
Posted On: 3/21/2005
Comment: This site is very extensive! Great work! Thanks


Name: Kyle
Posted On: 3/22/2005
Comment: Your gorgeous. Are you married? My email is at
Would love to chat and get to know each other.
Take care, Kyle


Name: Bob Gardner
Posted On: 3/23/2005
Comment: Mrs. Mulzini indeed!! Congrats on winning the Grand Master Award (should be Grand Dame).


Name: Lynda Mills
Posted On: 3/26/2005
Comment: I "discovered" the McCone books several years ago and have read them all! Not only do I enjoy the character and the wit/wisdome she displays...but I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area...I've been gone 20 years now...and still miss it terribly! Through the descriptions in your books, I'm able to once again smell the salt air of the Pacific, feel the bumps along the embarcadero, and hear the noises of the city. Additionally, I love the descriptions of Mendocino County, and the coast line there...Ft. Bragg...that's where I fell in love with the love of my life! Thank you for taking me "home" with each of your books! Sincerely, Lynda Mills - Houston, TX


Name: Sharon Pitcher
Posted On: 3/26/2005
Comment: I love the McCone series. The first one I read was The Shape of Dread. I entered Sharon McCone's world, and was hooked. I went looking for the rest of the books in that series and came across other books by Ms. Muller, where I found many more new friends. I have to say that it's thanks to Marcia Muller and her fine style of writing that has made me such an avid reader! Thanks for giving us such great adventures!


Name: Mary Anne
Posted On: 3/26/2005
Comment: Thanks for all the hours of enjoyable reading you have provided to so many readers. Looking forward to McCone's next venture.


Name: mark stadlin
Posted On: 3/27/2005
Comment: dear ms. muller. my daughter and i really enjoy your sharon mc cone mysteries. please keep them coming. for a while the srories were less mysteries and more adventure, bring her back to the great "who done it" stories. also will you publish a collection of mc cone short stories that were in various anthologies? many thanks for hours of reading pleasure. mark


Name: Peggy
Posted On: 3/27/2005
Comment: Just picked up your newest book, can't wait to read it! Have read all the mysteries and wait patiently for the next one.


Name: shirley king
Posted On: 3/28/2005
Comment: with out a doubt you are my favorite mystery writer, and all i read are mysteries McCone is my heroess, if there is such a word. I do wish she and hy were closer in feelings both emotional and physical,i have read all of their stories please don't stop. at 75 there isn't much to look forword to. keep writing you are very very good.


Name: Donnie Hallstone
Posted On: 3/28/2005
Comment: I was recently turned on to your books and have started at the beginning. I searched your website to see if I could get a list in order of publication, and I got sidetracked by this. I hope I find the list of books now.


Name: LaNell Loftus
Posted On: 3/30/2005
Comment: I started reading your books after I read Double, I'd been reading Bill's books for years. I have enjoyed reading about Sharon and friends since then. I just finished Bill's latest book and look forward to many more great reads from both of you!


Name: Lori Larsen
Posted On: 3/30/2005
Comment: Been rereading Broken Promise Land and love it! I love all your books! Thank you for sharing your love of the character Sharon McCone with the world!


Name: L. Lev
Posted On: 3/31/2005
Comment: Not only are your books a delicious read but you are a miniaturist too! Love the photos of All Souls and Sharon's earthquake cottage.


Name: Queensammer
Posted On: 1/5/2005
Comment: Just picked up Edwin of Iron Shoes at the library and I now have two others on hold and bought Edwin on Barns and Noble website for my collection. It is hard to keep me intrested in a book but you have done it!!It looks like I will be just as happy as the others on this page!!


Name: Christa
Posted On: 4/3/2005
Comment: Thank you for being a writer (and Bill, too). I have read everything you and Bill have ever written.


Name: Debbie
Posted On: 4/3/2005
Comment: Marcia,

I recently discovered your McCone series and have read them all. I can't wait for the next one. I also enjoy the Soledad County series and look forward to the release of CAPE PERDIDO. In my opinion, your books are much better than some of the other female detective series I have read. Please keep them coming.


Name: Jim Pittman
Posted On: 4/4/2005
Comment: I cannot wait to start on your works!


Name: Suzanne Hostler
Posted On: 4/5/2005
Comment: I love the Sharon McCone mysteries. When is there going to be another one. I can't wait to find out what happens to Sharon and Hy.


Name: Mary Anne Anderson
Posted On: 4/9/2005
Comment: I loved the photos of miniature home.... as a previous dollhouse shop owner I appreciated all the details in your homes.
Plus of course I love your books!


Name: Irene Hunt
Posted On: 4/10/2005
Comment: Apr 2005. I recently discovered your books and I have purchased 13 of them since Jan 2005. I enjoy them very much and so far have not been able to discover who the killer is at all. Normally I can but not your McCone stories. Keep up the good writing. I live in Modesto Ca and like that the stories are about areas I know a little about. I like to read books in order they were written and sometimes find it hard to figure out which is which until I remember to look at the date of publisher. Schish! !


Name: JaNeen Harty -
Posted On: 4/12/2005
Comment: I grew up in Santa Cruz and have been living on Kauai for 27 years. My best friend, who grew up in Berkeley, turned me on to your books. Love them! We think we have read ALL your books but we must have missed one because we don't remember which one Hy was introduced in. Please tell us which one. We love following the distant, independent but strong connection you two have. Thanks for your great writing.


Name: Carol Uriarte
Posted On: 4/15/2005
Comment: Have read all of the McCone series over the years and they just keep getting better. I am always anxious for the next one.


Name: Sharon
Posted On: 4/16/2005
Comment: I really enjoy your books! Thank you for them! You've got a great website,too!


Name: Leftydeb
Posted On: 4/16/2005
Comment: Hi Marcia!
I've enjoyed my visits with Sharon. It's like a letter from a best friend you grew up with and don't always stay in touch, but when you do hear from them - you start where you left off. Very nice!!
Can't wait to hear from you again soon.
Best Always!!


Name: sharon
Posted On: 4/20/2005
Comment: I very much enjoy your books I was wondering if and when your next "Sharon mcCone" mystery book will be out? thanks


Name: Mary A. Mitchell
Posted On: 4/21/2005
Comment: Over the years, I have read many mysteries and many contemporary writers, but you are the only one who has never disappointed me. As an MWA member, I am delighted that you are being recognized as a Grand Master. Regrettably, a family emergency keeps me away from the festivities. Congratulations!


Name: Linda M. Veracka
Posted On: 4/25/2005
Comment: Love Sharon and Hy. My mom and I are anxiously awaiting their wedding...


Name: connie camerlynck
Posted On: 4/28/2005
Comment: I really enjoy your books. I listen to your books on tape when I drive to and from work everyday. Keep them coming.


Name: williamsburginn
Posted On: 4/28/2005


Name: Rita Price
Posted On: 4/28/2005
Comment: Dear Marcia,
I am a new fan of yours. I am just now reading some of your first Sharon McCone books. I am looking forward to getting to know Sharon and San Francisco much better. I have never been to SF but look forward to some day going there and seeing all the places you describe. Thanks for some great books. We listen to most of our books on tape as we travel for work extensively. Our girls travel with us in the summer and always look forward to the next book an enjoy them right to the end.