The future’s looking bright for Sharon McCone and the staff of McCone Investigations—until one of the firm’s operatives, Julia Rafael, is arrested for major credit card fraud. A former juvenile delinquent, Julia was a risky hire, but by all accounts had been turning her life around. Banking on her innocence, Sharon goes to work looking for the real thief—only to discover a cache of illegal merchandise stashed in Julia’s apartment. Is it the damning evidence that will seal her employee’s fate, or the key to a larger conspiracy? Sharon must find out the truth...or lose her firm and reputation in the process.

"Muller gives us a solid slice of a San Francisco community and a protagonist with character."
- Booklist

"Sharon McCone, one of San Francisco's busiest, feistiest shamuses tackles her 23rd of Muller's better efforts, with a bonus for cat fanciers."
-Kirkus Reviews